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Friday, April 21, 2006

The National Tobacco Institute donated USD $70,000 to underwrite the anti-drug booklet Helping Youth Say No. This campaign focused on the following points:
  • The major factor in smoking initiation is peer pressure.
  • Parents should crack down on teen smoking, even if they themselves smoke.
  • Education should be targeted at teens, rather than younger kids.
  • Adults can choose to smoke, but should discourage their kids from smoking until "they are mature enough."
  • There are many adult activities children should not engage in. Smoking is one of those activities. Children and adolescents do not yet have the maturity necessary to decide to smoke.
So what do you think might be the end result of an educational programme which not only does not mention a single word about health risks, but targets teens specifically and solely in a "it is an adult activity, you are not yet old enough" light? After all, that approach works oh so well for alcohol!


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